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Child Protection Policy

The following guidelines are provided to create an awareness of vulnerability to civil and criminal liability as well as to instill the need to protect children. 



  • Meet in public places when meeting with minors. 

  • Always have another adult present when counseling minors. 

  • Advise other members of activities away from the group regarding where, when, and with whom you meet. 

  •  Always have two adults taking younger children to the bathroom. 

  • Keep physical contact public and minimal. Simple “hello” hugs are permissible, for example. 

  •  Always have a minimum of two unrelated adults on field trips, in classrooms, especially overnight trips. 

  • Keep groups together, perhaps using a buddy system. 

  • Be willing to be cheerfully accountable to parents. 



  • Meet one-to-one with minors behind closed doors. 

  • Have secret meetings with minors. 

  • Meet alone with minors, especially of the opposite sex. 

  • Check a minor for injuries under clothing without another adult present except in serious emergencies. 

  • Exchange kisses with children or youth. 

  • Allow older children to take younger children to the bathroom alone. 

  • Transport a child or youth by yourself except for real emergencies.

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