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  Our goal is to meet each child’s individual needs, prepare them for a self-sufficient future, build healthy relationship skills, purposeful community service and actively participate in this support group network.

  We are known for our educational resources including textbooks, literary programs, digital books, learning tools, and our online learning platform. The heart of this nonprofit groups is to help support any type of family that would like to homeschool their child. Regardless if you’re a single mom, working mom, or family on a tight budget securing the necessary resources to homeschool your own children is possible. And we are here to help!

  Here at homeschoolers in action, we understand that it is more expensive at times trying to find a way to homeschool you’re special needs child. And that is why we have a monthly homeschooling special needs support group meeting, where moms get together not only as a think tank but as your own personal solution team. You no longer need to feel alone, isolated or shame everyone here has a similar struggle. That is why it is so truly important that both the moms and kids must be willing try to participate a minimum of once a month so that this group can be a very active and a close network for all families. We are going for quality over quantity.

  Since this group is an inclusive style set up. You and your child together can make the decision which activities, play dates, and other events you feel the most comfortable attending.

  No matter how many children you have and their own unique differences sometimes it won’t be easy to learn in a group setting. That’s what makes this group unique we plan to offer several opportunities throughout the year where children can display they're independent studies that they have worked on at home because it is important to show off what their learning to this support group audience in a way that they feel comfortable. No matter where your child is right now stuck at home, in a hospital bed or playing on a traveling sports team we can meet you where you’re at right now. We can cheer your child on by tailgating their therapeutic riding event, help set up a last-minute birthday party and offer a new curriculum when the one you’re using just doesn’t seem to be working and there’s no room in your budget to afford a new one. Moms need this group just as much as our kids.

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