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It might seem overwhelming but take a deep breath you can do it. Here is a list of steps and links to groups, laws, curriculum reviews.

If your child/ren are enrolled in a Texas public you must withdraw them from school before, you begin to homeschool and if they have never been to public school in Texas because of age or you just moved to our great state you don't have to inform anyone of your intent to homeschool.
    You can do this by going into the school and withdrawing them or by sending in a letter of withdraw. Here are two links, where you can print and fill out the letter, to send by email or Certified mail.  Each link also provides great information and steps.

Choosing a curriculum can seem a little overwhelming there is an abundance available out there. Some are free, low cost, and expensive. You have to find what fits your child. Mardels has homeschool curriculum you view in person or attending a homeschool curriculum sale is another great option. Don't feel like you have to jump right in and get something on the first day. I have links posted on the subpage with free curriculum links and some blogs that review curriculum.

Finally look for a local group in your area. Our group is based in odessa, Texas but there are several groups available in the area and in Texas if you're not local. 

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